Flawa Studio is a Copenhagen based brand with focus on sustainable and recycled products/materials. Our values are founded on the desire for the reduction of fast fashion and instead develop long-lasting products which protect the environment.

The brand is based on the interest in developing athleisure wear, with focus on quality and comfort, which can be used in everyday life and combined with other styles from your wardrobe.


The main focus is on making unisex sustainable athleisure wear, dedicated to an active and casual everyday look. The items are made with focus on comfort and good quality.

The brand is a combination of the fascination of the fashion world, the development of trends and the interest in exploring different pieces.


The founders of Flawa Studio are a couple of friends, named Freja & Freja. They decided to picked a named with a letter that matched their own first names.
The name “Flawa Studio” is based on the noun ‘Flava’.

(Flava) – means “style” from the noun [flavor]
: Something that is good or well liked; accepted; – What’s yo flava?

They replaced the “V” in Flava with a “W”, to highlight the fact that they are two founders and to create a more remarkable and personal name.

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